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Modern Medicine with Traditional Values

CooperativeMed, founded in 2002 by Dr. Michael O’Neal, offers an innovative opportunity to invest in your health.

CooperativeMed is a pioneer in the development of concierge (i.e. membership, boutique) medical practices. This low volume practice setting allows the physician to devote more time and energy to you, the patient, and is the ideal environment for individualizing care. In today’s high-volume, managed-care health care system, physicians are compelled to care for 3 thousand patients, and often many more! We are all familiar with the traditional patient care environment, which results in difficulty getting appointments, long waits in crowded waiting rooms, limited time with the physician, medical and administrative errors, patient dissatisfaction, and noted deficiencies in patient care.

In contrast, CooperativeMed limits the number of patient members, providing a higher level of service to fewer patients, while focusing on disease prevention, health maintenance, nutrition, lifestyle changes, patient advocacy, and high-quality care. In order to sustain a practice of only 350 patients, each patient member pays a reasonable annual membership fee. For the price of a latte a day, you and your spouse, or family, can enjoy the benefits of this personalized primary care home.

Our ‘collaborative’ approach to patient care incorporates the patient as an integral part of the heath care team, and decision-making process. Each patient is encouraged to be a proactive participant, targeting health care goals in partnership with their personal physician. This concept empowers the patient and revitalizes the role of the primary care physician.

We pride ourselves in developing nurturing relationships with our patients and fulfilling their previously unmet health care needs. Our concept blends modern medical technology (genetics testing, micronutrient testing, sophisticated cholesterol profiling, and virtual visits via your iPad or iPhone) with traditional philosophies (home visits, advocacy, more time spent with the physician and less time waiting).

We invite you to take this unique opportunity to explore Tampa Bay’s original concierge medical practice. It would be our humble privilege to help you prioritize your health.